Release Notes

Changes in Latest emteria.OS Versions
Release date
OS Version
Target device
Android version
Update channel
-Added basic MDM client for remote device management (beta)
-Added bootanimation customization as part of device provisioning
-Added authorized SSH keys as part of device provisioning
-Fixed SSH startup error due to wrong privilege separation path
-Fixed TWRP package installation due to missing unzip binary
-Updated TWRP early initialization configuration
-Updated the bootloader binary & config to version 2019.01
-Updated the system WebView component to version 66.0.3359.158
-Updated bugreport to exclude non-existing components
-Removed vim editor binary due to AOSP compatibility issues
-Updated proprietary firmware binary files
-Updated WiFi country handling for 5G support in SoftAP
-Updated usb configuration for better 3G/4G USB modem support
-Added possibility to autostart multiple apps
-Added possibility to change the order of autostarted apps
-Added device lockdown with Kiosk mode (beta)
-Added automatic reboot if a frozen kernel task is detected
-Added TeamViewer addon required for controlling the OS
-Fixed multiple crashes when setting static IP
-Fixed multiple VNC password dialog crashes
-Added proper text hiding when setting VNC passwords
-Added autostart for third-party applications (beta)
-Added setting for (S)NTP server configuration
-Added microG security layer for signature spoofing
-Added preinstallation of OEM apps during setup wizard
-Improved saving time when RTC is not available
-Improved GPS drivers with proper data parsing
-Removed preinstalled CMFileManager application
-Updated common projects to 0.6.0
-Added support for VNC password protection (beta)
-Added support for static IP configuration (beta)
-Added support for private F-Droid repos (beta)
-Disabled Linux screen blanking by default
-Updated DRM platform libraries
-Updated RPi firmware binaries
-Updated F-Droid application to v1.5-alpha
-Improved update process for different branches
-Improved licensing process for activation codes
-Fixed device deactivation due to application cache cleaning
-Fixed last step of automatic updating process
-Fixed resolution detection for multi-resolution screens
-Implemented immersive mode for third-party applications (beta)
-Implemented integrated vnc server for remote access (beta)
-Initial build based on emteria.OS version 0.5.19
-Initial release based on emteria.OS 0.5.19