How to add a Private Repository or private app store on emteria.OS

This guide shows how to setup, access and upload your private repository, and how to add it to F-Droid to install your application on a device running emteria.OS.

Note: F-Droid is an open-source app store for free applications, which is included in all emteria.OS distributions since version 0.5.3 by default.

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  1. Log in to your Device Hub and click on Provisioning in the header.
    Or follow this link to access the provisioning area.
  2. Scroll down to the Private Repositories section private-repository-9-overview
  3. To add new Private Repository enter your company name, password, title and a description into the corresponding fields. 
    Note: A single short word describing your company is allowed as a repository name.
    Warning: You won’t be able to change the repository name or password after creation.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. To access your Private Repository click on the generated link. This link redirects you to your password-protected repository.
    Note: Please use the same password as during the repository creation to access the application area.
  6. Just after the creation, the repository will be empty. Navigate to the repo folder to upload your first application.
  7. Upload your application.
    In the top right corner of the repo folder you can choose a local application to be uploaded.
    Alternatively, you can drag and drop your file in the dashed area.
  8. Checking the application reference.
    Navigate back to the root folder of your repository. Your application should be checked by now and if the signature is verified, an app reference will appear here.
    Note: When uploading a newer version in the repo folder, the app reference is updated to link to the newest version of your application.
  9. On your device, open the F-Droid application.
    Use the F-Droid shortcut on the home screen of your device or access it through the app drawer
  10. Navigate to F-Droid Settings.
    Click on Settings in the bottom right corner of the F-Droid application.
    Click on Repositories.
  11. Manage your F-Droid repositories.
    Click on NEW REPOSITORY in the top right corner.
    Note: Make sure to deactivate all default repositories if you don’t explicitly need them, as they may cause performance drawbacks. 
  12. Enter the repository URL as found in emteria's provisioning area. Filling out the fingerprint is not required.
    Click ADD.
    Ignore the Unsigned message below the just added URL, it will disappear after the first successful synchronization.

    Note: If you receive any messages regarding other problems, please make sure that your device has the system date and time set correctly.
  13. Return to the main screen of F-Droid or the categories section.Pull-to-refresh to trigger a database update. 
    After the update is complete, you will see the list of applications you have added to your private repository. Additionally, the repository list in F-Droid settings should show the correct information for this repository.
  14. To install your application on your device, click on the application.


Known issues:

Sending the install package command through MDM after deleting a newer version of your APK from your private repository might fail due to caching.

Order of taken actions that lead to this issue:

  1. You install a version of your APK via MDM,
  2. You delete the APK from your device,
  3. You delete the APK from you private repository,
  4. You try to install an older version of your APK via MDM,
  5. Your private repository will still provide the newer version of your APK as it was cached.
  6. The version number of your install package command will not match the cached APK and the installation fails.