Raspberry Pi Imager now supports Android 13 for RPI 4B

Customize, update and manage
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Ensure security and longevity of your Android products

Customize Android OS

Define your OS requirements to fit your enterprise hardware and target customers' needs.

  • Wide hardware support
  • Long term OS support
Scale security and automation

Automatically build your image with every new patch and feature. Update Over-The-Air!

  • Reliable OTA infrastructure
  • Automatic CI/CD pipeline


Manage and monitor devices

Access and debug your deployed devices no matter where they are located.

  • Robust cloud platform
  • In-depth remote control
Managed Android ROM

Extend and adapt Android to your needs

emteria develops and extends AOSP for both off-the-shelf and custom hardware platforms. emteria.OS is a managed Android ROM designed for faster prototyping, testing and deployment. It provides a unified product configuration interface for custom branding, included Kiosk mode, extra vendor HALs, and simplified application management.

"With emteria, we found a partner that offers exactly what we were looking for - an Android-based operating system for our hardware."

PROF DR LARS GROSSMANN - Managing Director

Keep your Android devices secure

Lasting products are built by regularly integrating the latest security patches, fixing software bugs, and rolling out improved services. With emteria's automatic CI/CD pipeline for AOSP and reliable cloud OTA infrastructure, Over-The-Air firmware updates for Android (FOTA) can be built and distributed automatically. This way, you can protect your devices from online threats and provide the best possible user experience.


"... everything was up and running in less than 3 hours ... especially setting up our update process was a breeze."


Android OTA updates
emteria Device Hub

Manage all devices on one platform

Use a unified management platform for all your Android devices. The emteria Device Hub scales, manages and monitors the health status of your devices. The powerful cloud solution combines everything you need to remotely maintain your Android device fleet. This includes group configuration policies, user application management and OTA rollout schedules.

"The great thing about emteria.OS and the device management platform is that it really has everything you need as an enterprise customer."


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Does Android work on your hardware?

emteria supports you to run Android OS on both off-the-shelf hardware like the Raspberry Pi and on custom board designs based on industrial reference platforms like NXP’s i.MX8 or Rockchip's RK3399. The OS is compatible with board support packages (BSPs) provided by all major chip manufacturers. With emteria you get a seamless custom Android experience.

Off-the-shelf hardware
Customized AOSP solutions

Create a unique Android product

We are happy to offer you a comprehensive all-round service to build, maintain and customize your secure Android OS even further. We build customized AOSP solutions since Android version 1.6. Our experts have many years of experience writing Android HALs, low-level drivers and framework extensions to support custom board design.

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