How to enable Keep awake on your device

Android Keep awake is a setting which ensures that the screen of your device never switches off. Screen timeout is deactivated, as long as the device is charging.

Note: This feature is also known as stay awake or screen timeout.

The Keep awake setting is a great option when:

  • Running Android on an industrial device
  • Running a kiosk
  • Operating a point-of-sale device
  • And many other applications

Turn on the Keep awake option:

  1. Open the App Drawer on your Android device running emteria.OS.
  2. Open the Emteria Settings application.

    Emteria Settings in App Drawer
  3. Navigate to Appearance options and toggle Keep awake to activate it.

    Toggle on Keep awake

Note that:

  • The Keep awake option drains more energy.
  • The device does not lock itself when put down, therefore it might be less secure if left alone without proper safety measures.