How to set up the initial device configuration with Setup Wizard

Follow the steps for the initial configuration of emteria.OS with Setup Wizard.

Note: A working Internet connection is required for device activation and customized setup.

  1. Start your device.
  2. On the initial boot screen click NEXT.
  3. Choose your language and click NEXT.
  4. Set your time and date and click NEXT.
    Note: This could be important for internet connections.
  5. If your device doesn’t have an Ethernet connection, connect now to your WIFI access point.
    Note: A working Internet connection is required for device activation and customized setup.

    > For LAN: Plug in your LAN cable into your device and make sure that your router correctly assigns the IP address. Then click NEXT.

    > For WIFI: Click on SETUP.

  6. If you have a valid license click on ACTIVATE. Otherwise, just skip this step by clicking NEXT.
  7. If you have purchased emteria.OS through an OEM you might be required to download certain OEM features.
    Click on APPLY to install additional packages and then click NEXT.
  8. Accept the End-User License Agreement of emteria by checking the box and click NEXT.
  9. Depending on customization options for business customers, a reboot might be required
    If a reboot is required click REBOOT to finish the setup.
  10. If no customization options were applied, you can finish the setup wizard without a reboot by clicking NEXT.
  11. Now that you finished the setup, your system is ready to use.