How to install emteria.OS on phyBOARD-Polaris

This is a tutorial about how to download and flash emteria.OS onto the phyBOARD-Polaris.
The flashing process requires Linux as OS on your PC.

  1. Download emteria.OS through the emteria installer.


  2. Unpack all .zip files into a single folder.
  3. Download and install the uuu-tool.
    See our article about how to install uuu for Linux.
  4. Set switch 4 to download mode.
    The switch should be positioned to the right, as shown in the image below.
  5. Connect USB data port with your computer.
  6. Power on the device.
  7. Use Linux to flash emteria.OS with the uuu-too.

    Use the following command:

    sudo ./ -e -f imx8mq
  8. Power off the device.
  9. Set switch 4 to boot mode.

    The switch should be positioned to the left, as shown in the image below.

  10. Power up your device and enjoy emteria.OS.