Known issues of emteria.OS on Raspberry Pi 4B (RPi4)

Known issues with emteria.OS for Raspberry Pi 4

  • Some performance and animation issues (v14.1.0)
  • No camera support (v14.1.0)
  • No progress image during update with RPi4 touchscreen (v11.x.x)
    • Touchscreen uses no default pixel format, which recovery does not support
    • Display stays black, but update is performed and device reboots automatically
  • No support for GSM/WiFi modules, neither USB nor GPIO
  • Missing apps and features:
    • TWRP (not planned)
  • Hardware:
    • Support for only one simultaneous Bluetooth connection
    • Spedal MF920Pro USB Webcam
    • Waveshare SKU: 16103, 5″5 touchscreen [forum discussion]
  • Display shuts down although "Keep awake" is enabled if you have "Extended brightness range" enabled, but your display does not support extended brightness
    • Disable "Extended brightness range"
  • Interferences of 2.4 GHz WiFi, USB3, and certain HDMI resolutions [forum discussion]

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Past issues with emteria.OS for Raspberry Pi 4

  • No BLE support (fixed in v13.5.0)
  • No HDMI audio output (fixed in v13.4.0)
  • Rarely, WiFi connection cannot be established (fixed in v13.3.0)
    • Due to a race condition WiFi drivers sometimes cannot be loaded
    • Workaround is to reboot the device
  • Ethernet settings cannot be changed (fixed in v13.3.0)
  • No ssh/sftp functionality (fixed in v13.3.0)
  • Android Notification (fixed in v13.1.26)
    “Serial console enabled
    Performance is impacted. To disable, check bootloader”
    • You can get rid of it by disabling developer messages
  • Home screen flickers for 10 seconds after wake-up
  • Brightness/contrast is high with official RPi Touchscreen (fixed in v11.8.0)
  • Newer versions of the official touchscreen do not register touch events (fixed in v11.6.20)
    • There seems to be a newer controller revision with "generic ft5x06 (00)"
  • VNC image is distorted after screen rotation (fixed in v11.5.4)
    • Workaround: only start VNC server after rotating the screen
  • CSI cameras do not work in combination with a DSI display (fixed in v11.4.23)
  • Display flickers on transitions (fixed in v11.4.23)
  • Screen Rotation issues (fixed in v11.4.6)
    • Rotation is not persistent after reboot
      • Workaround:
        • Connect via adb to the device shell and use following commands:
        • settings put system accelometer_rotation 1
        • settings put system user_rotation X (where X is 0-3, whichever rotation you need)
    • 90°/270° rotation switches on screen rotation lock
  • Problems with Bluetooth LE (fixed in v11.3.16)