How switching SD cards impacts your device


Note: Important to keep in mind is that when a device is activated, the used license is linked to the physical properties of the device.

There are two scenarios when you might switch your SD card:

Scenario A: You switch the SD card of your device for a freshly flashed one: The operating system on your device will go into evaluation mode again. You have to use the same license as before to reactivate the device.

Scenario B: You activated a device with an SD-card and you move this SD-card into a second device: The operating system will go into evaluation mode again, because the license key does not fit to this device. 

  • If the second device was activated before, use the same license to reactivate it.
  • If the second device was not activated before, use any unused license to activate the device. 

You can see that your device is in evaluation mode by the emteria watermark in the bottom right corner. Additionally, you will get a pop-up message informing you about the evaluation mode and the device will reboot every 8 hours.