Introduction to version numbers of emteria.OS

Software version numbers of emteria.OS always consist of three parts: “emteria.OS X.Y.Z

  • X is our major version, which is equal to the major Android version on which the release is based.
  • Y is increased for a new Beta or Live version.
  • Z is 0 for Beta and Live versions and is increased by one for every Nightly version published, which is automatically build.

This version numbering starts with Android 9 for the Phytec Polaris board and Android 11 for Raspberry Pi 4. This way we ensure clarity about the Android version, on which a release is based, and what kind of release it is.

For example: emteria.OS 11.1.0 means the release is based on Android 11. In addition, the zero indicates that it is a Beta/Live version and the 1 shows that it is the first such version for this device. Whereas, emteria.OS 11.1.3 indicates that it is the third Nightly version after this Beta/Live version.

Caution: We do not recommend using nightly versions in production and generally only offer support for Live versions.

Builds explained:

  • Live - Live builds are the official and fully tested versions of emteria.OS. We recommend using live builds in the field.
  • Beta - Beta builds contain finished core features to be tested before release in a Live build.
  • Nightly - Nightly builds are created on a daily basis, contain the smaller updates and changes, and can contain non-finished features. Nightly builds should only be used for testing purposes, no guarantees given.

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