How to enable virtual keyboard when using VNC

After activating the VNC server you may not be able to see the on-screen keyboard on your emteria.OS device.
To enable the virtual keyboard there are two options:

Option 1: enable the option on your device

  1. Open Settings from the App Drawer.
  2. Scroll down and open Languages & input.
  3. Scroll down and open Physical keyboard.
  4. Toggle Show virtual keyboard to enable it.

Option 2: enable the option by changing the settings through MDM

  1. Open the command creation tool.
  2. Navigate to the Commands tab.
  3. Select command type as Change system setting.
  4. Enter the following settings:
    Section name: Secure
    Value type: Integer
    Settings key name: show_ime_with_hard_keyboard
    New key name: 1
  5. Click on Create.