How to enable and configure the integrated VNC Server

Enable/disable VNC and set-up a password.

This article describes the required steps for the initial configuration and usage of the built-in VNC server.

Note: Make sure your device has a working network connection.

There are three options to activate the VNC server.

Option 1: Enable through Device Provisioning

For this read our introduction to Device Provisioning. See the section under System Connectivity.

Option 2: Enable it on your Device

  1. Navigate to Settings from the App Drawer.
  2. Scroll down to the Device section and open Emteria Settings.
  3. If you want to set password protection for the VNC connection then click on Enable VNC password protection and set the desired password before you enable the integrated VNC server.
  4. Toggle on the right to Enable integrated VNC server
  5. Now you will see the ip address and port for the direct connection over VNC to your emteria.OS device.

Please note: After the VNC server is turned on, the on-screen keyboard will be no longer shown on the screen.

To enable the virtual keyboard, see the section Enable virtual keyboard when using VNC.

Option 3: Enable through MDM

  1. Open the tool for creating commands in the MDM.
  2. Go to the Commands tab and select the command type Change system property.
  3. Type the following information into the corresponding fields and click on Create:
    Property name: persist.sys.vncd.enabled
    New value: 1


Note: For more information read our introduction to creating and sending commands.