How to install new applications on Raspberry Pi 3B/B+ (RPi3)

Additional applications can be installed in the same way as on standard Android devices. There are three options: ADB, Download and F-Droid.

Option 1: ADB

Since Raspberry Pi has no USB OTG, ADB over Ethernet should be used instead of standard ADB.

To activate it:

  1. Navigate to Emteria settings.
    You can find it in the App drawer or navigate to Settings > Device settings > Emteria.
  2. Under Connectivity options toggle to activate Enable ADB over Ethernet.
  3. New applications can be installed directly from your PC using adb install. You can find an example here.

Option 2: Download

  1. Copy your application to a USB drive and connect it to your Pi.
  2. Open the File Manager application.
  3. Navigate to the USB drive and install the application from there.

Option 3: F-Droid

You can use the preinstalled application market to install new applications.

Read the tutorial on how to add a Private repository or private app store on emteria.OS.