Known issues with emteria.OS for the RockPi 4 Model B

To install emteria.OS on the RockPi 4 Model B follow our RockPi Installation Tutorial

Known issues with emteria.OS for the Rock Pi 4 Model B

OTA Updates

For the time being we do not offer OTA updates for this board. To update you have to re-flash the eMMC.

DSI Display

The Rock Pi offers different images for DSI and HDMI displays. The emteria.OS image for the Rock Pi is based on the HDMI image, therefore DSI displays like the official RPI touchscreen do not work.

3.5mm Audio Jack

No audio via audio jack. It is a known issue for that board, not emteria specific.

Bluetooth reconnect

Enabling Bluetooth initially works, but disabling and re-enabling crashes.

CSI cameras

CSI cameras are not supported yet.


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