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Supported device peripherals for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3)

This page summarizes device-specific settings and supported peripheral hardware for Raspberry CM3 DevKit.


Article overview

How to set up the official RPi touchscreen


Support for the Raspberry Pi 7″ touchscreen:

  • Follow the official documentation to setup the proper wiring and download the dt-blob binary. Don’t forget to connect 5V and GND pins of your touchscreen, since the official documentation assumes them to be wired.
  • Follow the main Raspberry Pi 3 section to set the 800×480 resolution by using the FKMS overlay.

How to setup the official RPi touchscreen

Note: done with emteria. OS v7.2.0.

  1. Connect PRi touchscreen to the DISP1.
    Use the 22W to 15W display adapter.
  2. Connect the following pins with jumper wires:
    • GPIO0 - CD1_SDA
    • GPIO1 - CD1_SCL
  3. Mount the boot partition on your computer.
  4. Download the following file on your computer.
  5. Rename dt-blob-disp1-only.bin to dt-blob.bin and put it on the boot partition.
    Note: You will have to replace the existing file.
  6. On the boot partition, adjust the config.txt from kms to fkms in the following line:

For more information, please visit the Raspberry Pi Documentation.


Built-in support for CSI camera modules. Configuration according to the official documentation.