How to install emteria.OS on Raspberry Pi 3B/B+ (RPi3)

Flash the Raspberry Pi 3B/B+ (RPi3)

Attention: Please use a card of at least speed class 10 or higher (UHS), since the read/write speed of the SD card will heavily influence the system speed. Best results are achieved by using cards of type A1 (see this forum discussion). Some cards are known to not work correctly with the Raspberry Pi; this is a hardware issue we don’t control. Please check this comprehensive list for your specific SD card.

  1. Download emteria.OS through the emteria installer.

    Read our tutorial on where to find and download the installer for your OS.
    Download emteria.OS

  2. Choose a free SD card for the installation of emteria.OS.
  3. Follow these steps to flash emteria.OS onto your SD card.
    Note: all data on this SD card will be lost!
    Select emteria.OS image
  4. When the installer finishes, take your micro SD card out of your computer.
  5. Insert it into your device.
  6. Power on your device and enjoy emteria.OS.
    You should see a short text boot sequence followed by the emteria logo animation.