Introduction to Workspace

This article gives general introduction to Workspace inside your Device Hub.

A Workspace is an organizational unit to share groups, devices, and files between all members of an organization. Members of a workspace have access to all groups and devices of this workspace, however they can be assigned different roles. Users can be a member of multiple Workspaces.

How to find an overview of your Workspace inside Device Hub?

  1. Log in to your Device Hub.
  2. Use sidebar to navigate to Workspace.
Here you can see your current Workspace and Subscription details. By scrolling down to Members, you can add or remove members of this Workspace


How to switch between workspaces?

  1. Log in to your Device Hub.
  2. Use sidebar to navigate to Workspace.
  3. Navigate to Current workspace and use dropdown to choose another one. 
  4. You can see your current workspace in the top left corner.

Note: Changing your current Workspace affects the visibility of data presented in the Device Hub.