How to create a Universal License

This article gives a general introduction to Universal License and explains how to set it up in Device Provisioning.

Article overview:
Introduction to Universal License
How to create a Universal License
Best practice

Universal License

A Universal License is an activation code that helps you activate new devices by automatically assigning unused licenses from a selected License Group or it will reuse a previously assigned license if the device was activated in the past. In other words, a Universal License can be seen as a key to all other licenses inside a License Group.

This is interesting if you want to deploy multiple devices. This can be done by creating a Master SD Card from which you clone all other devices. With a Universal License already present on the SD Card it will automatically activate the device after boot up.

How to create a Universal License

Instead of manually assigning one license to one device, for every device you want to deploy, you can set up a Universal License in Device Provisioning. This way the Universal License is flashed onto your device and upon boot it will fetch a license from the chosen License Group and assign it automatically to the device in question.

Note: Every license can be used as a Universal License, but you will need one advanced/premium subscription to access Device Provisioning.

  1. Log in to your Device Hub.
  2. Navigate to Purchases > Licenses.
  3. Click on the arrow of a license group for a drop-down list of your licenses.
  4. Under Activation code you will see a list of your licenses.
  5. Select and copy one existing license to promote.
  6. Once you've selected one license navigate to Provisioning.
  7. Toggle to enable Device Provisioning.
  8. Scroll down to Universal Licenses.
  9. Paste your selected license and click Add.
  10. Now you can select a License group from which the new Universal License will fetch a license.
  11. The Universal License is flashed with our installer onto your SD card.
    As with all other provisioning settings, it has no effect to set up a Universal License after flashing. But, if you remove a Universal License from Device Provisioning, automatic activation and reactivation of your devices with the Universal License will not be possible anymore.

Note: To reactivate devices, you will have to use the same license you used upon device activation. Assigning a new license to a previously activated device is not possible, similarly, it is not possible to unassign a license from a device after activation. The Universal License automatically chooses the same license as before.


Best practice

  • It is best to keep your Universal License secret. If openly shared, your Universal License can be misused by third parties to activate their devices with your unused licenses.
  • When activating new devices, it is best to select a staging group and move new devices from the staging group to the appropriate groups after the activation.
  • Or, License Groups can be organized preemptively by customer, location, etc., to better facilitate a bigger roll out.