How to customize commands

In this tutorial, you will learn how to operate Android IoT device fleets with custom commands for Mobile Device Management in emteria’s Device Hub

The Device Hub provides an option for advanced users to define and send their own custom commands. Before you start, we recommend that you first make yourself familiar with our introduction to device management and our tutorial on how to create commands before trying out this custom feature.

The command structure follows the JSON format and the Command Editor can be found in two places, the Device overview and in the Group overview under the Commands tab.

  1. Go to the main MDM page of your device or your device group.
  2. Navigate to Commands.
  3. To send a command click on Add.
  4. In the New Command window navigate to the Editor tab.
    Note: As an example, we use the command for remote installation of applications.
  5. Click the Properties button to enter the desired properties.
    For our example, you need the properties: command, url, package and version.
  6. Add each parameter by selecting the properties and clicking on the Add button.
  7. Choose the corresponding property type and fill in the property values. 
  8. Create the new command by clicking on Create.

Alternatively, you can use the JSON editor to create new commands:

  1. Click on the JSON button.
  2. For our example, enter the following command into the editor:
    "command": "installPackage",
    "url": "",
    "package": "org.videolan.vlc",
    "version": "13021104"
  3. Once you've entered the command you see above, click Save.