How to use Preinstalled Applications in Device Provisioning

In this section of Device Provisioning you can define additional packages which should be automatically installed during the initial setup of the device.

Note: The user will have the possibility to ignore the recommended settings (disabled components or additional packages) during the setup wizard.

  1. Log in to your Device Hub.
  2. Navigate to Provisioning.
  3. Choose existing provisioning settings or create a new one.
  4. Scroll down to Preinstalled Applications.
  5. Fill in a Name and Comment (not mandatory).
  6. Add the URL to your application.
  7. Click Add.

Note: For further explanation read an Introduction to Device Provisioning.


Name: TotalCommander
Comment: (not mandatory to fill in)

Read our tutorial on how to add a Private Repository or Private App Store on emteria.OS.

Though the Private Repository you can add your own applications or packages.