Introduction to Device Provisioning


Additional customization options allow OEM-specific changes to our product core. These settings will be automatically downloaded during the installation process and applied during the first boot. Below you will find an introduction to the different Device Provisioning options.

Note: The OEM-specific device configuration is downloaded automatically during the installation of emteria.OS with the official installer application. Later changes to provisioning options on our website will not be automatically applied to already running devices.

Note: The Device Provisioning is available in the Advance and Premium plan.

Watch our tutorial video for Device Provisioning on our YouTube channel.

How to enable Device Provisioning

  1. Log in to your Device Hub.
  2. Navigate to Provisioning.
  3. Toggle to enable Device Provisioning.
  4. Now you can go through the different options and provision your devices.
Note: All settings on the Device Provisioning page will be automatically downloaded by the Installer application and copied to the device storage during the installation process.

These options have no effect on the configuration of already active devices.


Device Provisioning options

Universal Licenses
Screen Configuration
Product Branding
Product Administration
Disabled Components
System Extensions
Preinstalled Applications
Runtime Permissions
Application Preferences
Private Repositories
Authorized SSH Keys
System Connectivity
System Settings
System Properties

Universal Licenses

You can use your universal licenses for automatic activation purposes during the setup.

For further information on license groups, and licenses see or Introduction to Licenses.

After adding your universal codes, you will see all your universal codes activated for automatic activation during the setup.

For each universal code from this list, you can select a license group. This code will grant access to all unused licenses in the chosen license group. If a new device, which was not activated before, will use this code for activation then an unused license from the chosen license group will be used for this activation.


Devices that were already activated before will use the same license again.

During the initial device setup, you will see options for using these codes for automatic device activation.


Screen Configuration

Set up your initial screen options like the preferred initial screen rotation or
the orientation lock.

Product Branding

You can set your own boot animation and the default wallpaper. 

For more information read our tutorial on how to change Boot Animation.

Product Administration

Here you can customize device administration and ownership settings. 


Disabled Components

You can disable individual applications or application components, if required. 

For example: or


System Extensions

Define additional third-party modules and drivers which should be automatically installed during the initial setup of the device. 

Preinstalled Applications

Define additional packages which should be automatically installed during the initial setup of the device.

Note: The user will have the possibility to ignore the recommended settings (disabled components or additional packages) during the setup wizard.

Runtime Permissions

Here you can set runtime permissions for preinstalled applications. 

Application Preferences

Here you can set custom preferences for standard system applications. 

Private Repositories

Here you can add your private repositories to be included in the F-Droid store. 

For more information read our tutorial on how to add a Private Repository or private app store on emteria.OS.

Authorized SSH Keys

Here you can add Public Keys in OpenSSH format to the list of authorized keys.

Note: When creating a new SSH key pair, make sure it has the RSA format.

E.g. ssh-rsa AAAAB...XYZ==

Additionally, Name and Comment have to be filled in.

System Connectivity

You can also Enable or Disable built-it connectivity components. 


System Settings

Here you can set settings to overwrite system default values.



Section Type Key Value Comment
Secure Int show_ime_with_hard_keyboard 1 Always show keyboard
Global Int stay_on_while_plugged_in 7 Keep awake

System Properties

Here you can set customized values for standard system properties.

Note: Modifying System Properties through Device Provisioning has advantages over e.g., altering the config.txt and cmdline.txt, as these changes are persistant over OTA updates. Additionally, they are automatically for every image flashed with the emteria installer, so that they automate an otherwise repetitive task.



Property name Value Comment
persist.rpi.connector.index 2  
persist.rpi.cmdline cmdline=video=HDMI-A-1:800x480M@60  
persist.rpi.mode.force 800x480@60  
persist.rpi.vc4.force fkms