How to install the emteria.OS installer on Windows

Follow the steps below to install the emteria.OS installer on Windows.

  1. Download the installer for Windows here.
  2. After downloading, find the installer .exe file in your Downloads folder.
  3. Double click the installer .exe file to start the Setup Wizard.
  4. Click Next to start the Setup process.
  5. Specify the directory where emteria.OS will be installed.
  6. Select the components you want to install and click Next.
    Note: Make sure to install all recommended components to prevent runtime problems.
  7. Read and accept the License Agreement and click Next.
  8. Select the Start Menu in which you would like to create the program's shortcut and click Next.
  9. The Setup is ready. Click Install to proceed to the installation of the emteria.OS installer.
  10. Follow the progress on the progress bar and or click on Show Details for more information.
  11. Click Finish to exit the emteria.OS installer Wizards once it's done installing.
  12. After the installation, you can find the installer in the Windows start menu.
  13. Click on Emteria Installer to start.
  14. When the installer opens it should look like the picture below

Next steps: Follow our tutorial on how to install emteria.OS.


If the installer runs into an error, try one of the following suggestions to get it running again:

  • Try reconnecting the SD card,
  • Try restarting Windows,
  • Try erasing the partition table from the SD card,
  • Try another combination of SD card and SD card reader,
  • Try using a live Ubuntu image from a USB stick and use the Linux installer.