How to manage your fleet remotely with Device Hub

The emteria Device Hub offers a practical way to manage all your emteria.OS devices remotely in a web portal. Mobile Device Management (MDM) simplifies and enhances the administration of emteria.OS devices in a consistent and scalable way. It allows you to remotely and in real-time check system state, online status and information of your running devices, see the device settings, manage installed apps, and send commands to your devices.

For a visual introduction, watch the full demo of the emteria Device Hub overview on the emteria YouTube Channel.

Below you will find a guide through the set up of an emteria.OS device:

Step 1: Download the Installer to install emteria.OS on your device

Step 2: Activate your device

Step 3: Prepare your device for remote device management

Step 4: Get acquainted with Device Hub

Get acquainted with Device overview and Device Group overview
Introduction to Device management

Note: This introduction shows how you can send commands to a device or device group and how to set up a group policy.