Release Notes

Latest changes in emteria.OS
OS images are sorted by version and filtered by the code name of the target device and by their update channel, which reflects its stability level.
  • Live: Most tested OS releases, recommended for everyday use.
  • Beta: Early access version of next planned release builds.
  • Nightly: Automatic builds of the latest state of the code base.
  • None: Deprecated releases, temporarily kept for their changelog.
Target device
Emteria version
Release date
Release channel
-Updated resolution initialization settings
-Updated common projects to v1.1.0
-Initial release based on emteria.OS 0.5.19
-Added PowerOff application for sofware-initiated reboots
-Removed Exchange application due to AOSP incompatibility
-Replaced Elo projects with AOSP equivalents
-Updated system settings to enable screen saver by default
-Updated system settings to increase log buffer size
-Updated Kiosk applicatoin for immediate enable/disable actions
-Updated MDM application to fix the reconnect issue
-Updated common emtria.OS projects to 1.1.0
-Updated Sierra HL7692 library definitions
-Updated device preferences for screen, sound and kernel
-Fixed screen resolution configuration
-Fixed page scrolling in Kiosk web mode
-Added support for LogMeIn Rescue
-Added immediate MDM actions to enable/disable Kiosk mode
-Added multicommand support for MDM
-Added shutdown/reboot settings to Emteria settings page
-Added option to keep the screen on to Emteria settings page
-Added support for nightly builds in Update app
-Added support for hiding notifications for unwanted updates
-Added preference for switching audio routes in RPi settings
-Added basic RTC support for RPi hardware with on-board RTCs
-Updated RPi userland binaries
-Updated F-Droid to v1.10
-Updated u-boot to v2020.04-rc3
-Updated kernel to v4.9.196
-Updated kernel to allow disabling vc4-hdmi soundcard
-Updated kernel config to include more USB serial devices
-Updated kernel config to build more modules
-Updated Kiosk to fix the background bug
-Updated license handling to fix deactivation in private networks
-Updated provisioning to fix the navigation bug during Setup
-Updated launcher to fix the crash after initial Setup
-Added ethtool binary for network information gathering
-Added SIMCOM 7600E LTE drivers
-Updated proprietary RPi firmware to a16470ad47c0ad66d5c
-Updated Android code base to the official v7.1.2_r39 release
-Updated resolution detection to handle custom firmware modes
-Updated resolution detection to consider refresh rates
-Updated RPi settings to list all supported resolutions
-Updated generic GPS driver with new testing define
-Updated MDM client to send battery information
-Updated MDM client to support direct application management
-Updated F-Droid client application to version 1.7.1
-Removed system resolution defines to simplify custom settings
-Added WIFI and Ethernet support
-Added Bluetooth support
-Added official Raspberry Pi 7 inch Touchscreen support (Swiftshader based)
-Added support for automatic switching between touchscreen and HDMI
-Added support for kernel 5.4.51
-Added GPU support (unstable)