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emteria.OS is more than just Android

The core of emteria.OS is the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP). emteria.OS inherits all the advantages of Android and extends them with enterprise features and advantages.

Automatically built and distributed Over-The-Air firmware updates
Root access rights to the Android device
Remote screen mirroring (VNC server) and command control (SSH server)
Customized configuration including company branding

The professional Android experience

emteria.OS is designed to easily bring Android to your hardware platform. Install your image in a few clicks on off-the-shelf hardware and on custom boards that are based on industrial platforms. We support x86 and ARM hardware and keep them updated continuously.

Easier portability to new hardware platforms
Faster prototyping, testing and deployment
Custom builds and features if required


Simplified application management

The entire software stack is created for an application-oriented user experience. Run your applications on a neat managed Android ROM without any bloatware and better developer access.

Private app store for marketplace-like distribution and updates
Root access permissions for installed applications and services

Are you looking for even more remote control and management features?

Easy setup for interactive kiosk solutions

emteria's kiosk mode comes natively with emteria.OS and is the foundation for your interactive kiosk solution. We equip your POS, HMI or self-service solution with exactly the OS you need for your use case.

Restrict the functions of your devices
Lockdown in kiosk mode to restrict access to websites and apps
Customize kiosk to use case and company design

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Loved by product teams

Organizations worldwide choose to provide their professional devices with emteria.OS. This allows them to develop modern and secure products and realize a wide variety of use cases.

Why to choose Android for your industrial products?

Implementing Android for embedded solutions is challenging for enterprises. It often requires extra hardware and software features. The additional development poses a great obstacle to mass deployment of standard Android.

emteria removes these barriers. So you can enjoy the advantages of Android and the advanced enterprise features and benefits of emteria.OS.

Full device access

Get full control of all software that is deployed on your specific hardware board with: root access, remote screen mirroring and command execution rights.


Rollout OS updates over-the-air. OTA updates are the fastest and easiest way to keep devices secure and up-to-date.


Rely on regular security updates for five years from the version's release date. Longer support is available on request.

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Build your IoT products based on emteria.OS. Provide regular OTA updates for each device to keep them secure and up to date.


All features to remotely manage, monitor and control an Android device fleet from a browser with emteria Device Hub.


Receive an individual offer that fits your needs. It can include additional features, a custom version of emteria.OS and more.