Running Android on supply chain critical devices

The transport and logistics industry has been driven by digitalization for years. Supply chain efficiency is a high priority for everyone involved. With a growing number of IoT devices in the supply chain, the focus is shifting from mere data measurement and connectivity to driving usability. The best choice to elevate the user experience of your IoT devices is Android OS. With emteria, you can develop user-centered devices based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). In addition to the usability benefits, emteria's solutions allow you to manage IoT devices with an integrated modern Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform, but also with other industry standard solutions like SOTI.

The applications for Android in T&L are diverse and constantly evolving due to innovative supply chain solutions. Here are some of the most common ones that help to optimize supply chain operations and simplify the work of employees:

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Handheld terminals
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Material handling workflow terminals

Your advantages along the supply chain


Due to the wide support of hardware, emteria offers the right solution for every requirement along the supply chain.


Wide feature set enables full device control, kiosk operation, OTA updates and additional functions.


Emteria provides required Android updates to keep all critical Android devices safe and secure.

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These features make development faster and products better


The core of emteria.OS is the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP). All benefits of Android OS like its native user-friendliness and cost-effective app development are part of emteria.OS.


In Kiosk mode, you can restrict the functions of the device. Control what your users can see and use. Kiosk mode can allow the use of certain apps or show only certain websites.


A built-in VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server allows to mirror the screen of an emteria.OS device and control this device remotely. Any VNC client can be used to connect to the Android device.


The emteria Superuser feature enables root access rights to the Android device. With this feature, the user gets full control of all software that is deployed on the specific hardware board.


OTA rollout of OS updates is the fastest and easiest way to keep devices secure and up-to-date. Scheduled updates make sure that updates to not disturb regular device operation.


emteria provides regular security updates for five years from the release date of the specific Android version. Longer support is available on request. Updates can be installed over-the-air.

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Power and protect forklift and vehicle terminals with your Android OS

Match your solid high-performance terminals with a modern Android-based operating system. You are experts in building devices that defy adverse conditions, be it extreme temperatures, rain or heavy impact. We support you in facing future challenges such as software security and update capability. With emteria's Android OS you not only protect your devices against extreme weather conditions but also keep your devices secured with updates for your Android operating system.

Frequently asked questions

Which hardware can I use in my T&L applications?

Emteria supports a whole range of hardware with different versions of Android. If support for a specific embedded hardware is missing, it can be added by emteria.

Must devices always be online?

No, devices do not have to be always online. An internet connection is only required to install an update or change settings of the device remotely.

Does emteria offer Android updates?

Yes, emteria can build Android updates for you and can deliver those updates Over-the-Air.

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