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What does partnering with emteria bring to your organization?

The benefits of our partnerships range from customer access, dedicated training and support to unrivaled business edge, enabled by emteria’s infrastructure.


Use the network of emteria to extend your outreach and add new revenue streams. Unlock new market verticals and business opportunities. Use emteria’s infrastructure to innovate your business model.


Accelerate your IoT projects, expedite go-to-market and offer to your customers a secure, managed OS. With emteria your customers will achieve the lowest total cost of ownership while enjoying the best user experience on the market.


Deep domain expertise and broad experience with customers across various applications make our team our most precious resource. As our partner, you will have access to dedicated support and training to empower your business.


What are the partnership opportunities with emteria?

Hardware partnership
Hardware OEM

Hardware suppliers are increasingly faced with the customer demand for a managed Android OS. More specifically, a customizable, secure and long-term supported OS with remote fleet management capabilities is required to enable professional large-scale solutions. The possibility to serve these requirements translates to increased hardware sales, customer stickiness and satisfaction, thus providing OEMs with a competitive edge. We are happy to support you and your customers - without growth commitments!

Software partnership

Ease of application development and quality of user experience are undoubtedly the well-known hallmarks of Android. Add long-term updates and remote management, and you almost have a dream team. Finally, making it all work with the right hardware is the biggest problem most of our customers face regularly. We at emteria are experts in bringing Android to the right hardware and are here to support you on your journey to enable the desired application. Our help with range from helping choose the right hardware to porting Android to a previously unsupported architecture of choice.

Industry partnership
Industry Solutions

Do you excel at a particular industry solution? With emteria you can offer long-term security and natively built-in fleet management to your customers. Going further, use emteria to innovate your business model. For example, by offering fleet management yourself via a white label version, deploy locally on-premise or make a business future-proof with increased user proximity.

Get to know our partners

TechNexion Logo

TechNexion Ltd. 
New Taipeh City, Taiwan

"Customers that add emteria Managed Android on TechNexion SOMs know what they are doing right. They focus on their application and add value. Let emteria handle the system updates and OTA patches and go to market much smoother and faster."

Marcel vandenHeuvel, CEO

TechNexion is a leading manufacturer of high-quality Embedded Computing, Machine Vision, and Embedded Systems for ODM/OEM factory automation and process control, Machine Vision, Edge Computing, Multimedia applications, and Medical Assistance Equipment. TechNexion products include Embedded Camera Modules, Machine Vision Camera Solutions, Arm-based System-on-Modules, and Embedded System solutions backed up with unmatched open hardware documentation and open source software. TechNexion is ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified, is a NXP proven partner, and founding member of the EDM (Embedded Design Modules) Standard.

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