Use cases for Android in vending and ticketing

emteria's Android-based operating system is in use for various use cases and devices. The OS comes with extended enterprise features such as device management used for deployment, remote configuration, and operation of the devices. Use cases include:

Vending machines

Food, drinks, electronics, and much more is available in vending machines in almost any place in the world.

Ticket vending machines

Used in public parking lots, train stations, or leisure facilities like museums. Ticket vending is a great application for Android-based devices.

Point-of-use vending

Especially used in the industrial space, point-of-use vending is a smart way to manage inventory provide employees with the right supplies at the right time.

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Your advantages with emteria


Due to the wide support of hardware, emteria offers the right solution for every requirement. From low-cost, less demanding solutions to 4K applications, you will find a suitable device to run Android OS and manage the devices.


Sending technicians to a vending machine for maintenance becomes obsolete. Health status and device behavior can be monitored remotely. Installation of apps and operating system updates is done over-the-air.


emteria provides customer service and support at all stages of the product lifecycle. Support channels include forum, email and phone. When problems arise, an emteria support agent is right by your side to help.

What our customers say

Car park | Source: Hans / Pixabay

Sip Car Parks works with emteria to deploy and manage Android-based ticket vending machines in the UK

I and my team enjoy the flexibility, ease of use and available toolset that emteria offers us. We chose their solution because we needed to find a quick solution and a common platform for our hardware suppliers. With emteria's toolset, we were able to move from a Windows-based system to Android: everything was up and running in less than 3 hours - we're very happy with how it all worked out. I love the remote monitoring tools and the ability to send direct shell commands to the devices, setting up our (kind of) complicated update process was a breeze.

Gabriel Butcher
Head of IT, SIP Car parks


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