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Device management for Android devices has never been so easy and integrated

As a cloud-based solution that is accessible from everywhere, the emteria Device Hub complements emteria.OS. The operating system and the fleet management tool are seamlessly integrated. As a result, the range of functions and the depth of remote control are significantly higher than with conventional device management solutions. Integrated device provisioning, group and device monitoring, as well as remote configuration, are just some of the features that ensure the highest possible device uptime.

Independent of the industry and field of application, the emteria Device Hub will speed up device deployment, reduce fleet maintenance costs and ensure security from cloud to device.

How emteria saves you device maintenance cost

These features simplify device deployment and reduce your cost of fleet maintenance


The Device Provisioning allows to predefine a set of configuration options in the emteria Device Hub, which will be automatically applied to the device during the installation and the first device boot. These settings may be useful for choosing the correct screen configuration, to pre-install additional applications or change settings as required for your product.


With MDM you can perform all actions on the device remotely from the emteria Device Hub. That saves you the time to get in physical contact with a device. The deep integration of our MDM application into emteria.OS enables fine-grained control over all parameters and low-level management of devices and fleets – 24/7 and from everywhere.


A private application repository is used to host and distribute additional applications and data via F-Droid. With the repository emteria ensures for you that the latest version of your apps and configurations are always available on all devices of the fleet. The private app repository is also a way to offer selected apps with a custom marketplace experience on the device via F-Droid.


OTA updates are the fastest and easiest way to keep devices up-to-date and secure. Important security patches and new functionality can be delivered either to a single device or a device fleet with a few clicks. Group policies allow automatic update installation with a specific schedule to not disturb device operation or to require manual user confirmation to start the installation.


See and remotely monitor all device details. Keep track of hardware parameters, network information, peripherals, and installed applications. A log of the last commands executed on the device shows you everything that was changed, added, removed, fixed, or deprecated, as well as any drastic changes.

Extensive remote configuration possibilities

High volumes of devices strongly depend on consistent configuration management. Therefore, the emteria Device Hub offers extensive possibilities to configure the devices and device fleets remotely. Defining initial device settings, identifying distinct devices and organizing them into meaningful groups are crucial for fleet transparency and maintenance cost reduction. The set of services accessible via the emteria Device Hub allows to bring devices in the desired state before the first boot and monitor as well as control active devices directly from a browser. Furthermore, the Device Hub supports adding your teammates and external administrators to operate device fleets. Role-based permission management regulates access and prevents misuse.


How emteria mitigates your risk and ensures your devices’ security

State-of-the-art security measures from operating system to cloud platform


Secure cloud infrastructure

emteria also uses a secure and stable server infrastructure. All emteria cloud servers are physically located in Germany to comply with European data protection regulations. This is not only relevant for the publicly available emteria Device Hub, but also for all private app repositories hosted on emteria web servers. In addition to encrypted data connections, emteria also offers IP filtering and two-factor authentication to protect user accounts from external threats. Enterprise-grade on-premise solutions are available upon request.

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