Easy implementation and maintenance of infotainment systems from small to global fleet distributions

The infotainment system is at the heart of modern vehicles, like cars, boats or planes. It shows and controls all user interaction, navigation and entertainment functions. Android excels at all these functions.

With emteria, infotainment applications finally have a reliable Android platform that fits their needs. The provision of updates is ensured. Even very large, globally distributed device fleets can be managed and provided with updates.

With emteria's device support for various and widely available boards, vehicle infotainment solutions are quickly implemented.

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What emteria provides

Raspberry Pi

Due to the wide support of hardware, emteria offers the right choice for your infotainment solution.


Wide feature set enables full device control, kiosk operation, OTA updates and additional functions.

Android Security

Emteria provides required Android updates to keep the infotainment system safe and secure.

Benefits of emteria in infotainment

Custom Android builds

Whatever hardware support and features are required in your build of Android, continuously build it with emteria. Let us do the work for you.

Automatic updates

OTA rollout of Android updates is the fastest and easiest way to keep devices secure and up-to-date. Schedule a system update for all devices and forget about manual updates.

Scalable deployment

Faster deployment of customized devices trough device provisioning. Device settings, system properties, application preferences and more adjustments can be made.

Private app repository

With a private app repository, you are able to build and push app updates directly to the infotainment system. Security includes data encryption, hashing, and key management that protects data at all levels.


In Kiosk mode, you can restrict the functions of the device. Control what your users can see and use. Kiosk mode can allow the use of certain apps or show only certain websites.


The emteria Superuser feature enables root access rights to the Android device. With this feature, the user gets full control of all software that is deployed on the specific hardware board.

Yacht monitoring with emteria

yacht-monitoring | Source: visuShip

The company VisuWorld from Germany is using Distec Artista-IoT devices with emteria.OS to monitor yachts and link all systems on the yacht.

Their software solution VisuShip is running on Android OS. Thanks to emteria, the time-to-market was decreased and all deployed products benefit from regular Android security updates.


Frequently asked questions

Does emteria offer Android updates?

Yes, emteria can build Android updates for you and can deliver those updates Over-the-Air.

Which hardware can I use in my infotainment system?

Emteria supports a whole range of hardware with different versions of Android. If support for a specific embedded hardware is missing, it can be added by emteria.

Must devices always be online?

No, devices do not have to be always online. An internet connection is only required to install an update or change settings of the device remotely.

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