Use cases for Android in manufacturing

Use cases for Android in manufacturing are manifold. Here you can find some of the one most common ones that help to optimize shop floor operations and simplify the work of employees:

Shop floor dashboards

Dashboards increase transparency across a manufacturing site and benefit from features like emteria’s kiosk mode that only allows the use of a selected website or app.

Human-machine interface (HMI)

Android guarantees highly user-friendly and easy-to-maintain HMI solutions.

Data capture terminals

Capturing data about order status or error causes is crucial to control and optimize processes in manufacturing.

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Your advantages with emteria in manufacturing


Due to the wide support of hardware, emteria offers the right solution for every requirement. From low-cost, less demanding solutions to 4K applications, you will find a suitable device to run Android OS and manage the devices.


The enhanced Android OS by emtria comes with a variety of enterprise features that allow an immediate start and full device control. Features like the kiosk mode prevent from misuse and VNC enables screen sharing.


Overall cost of device deployment and maintenance are significantly lower compared to no or other device management platforms. The emteria Device Hub is a profitable solution starting from the first device.

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Future proof shop floor solutions

With emteria's industrial Android OS, shop floor control dashboards, machine interfaces and other applications finally have a supported and reliable Android platform. Devices can be set up and controlled remotely via the emteria Device Mangement solution. Even a very large manufacturer with globally distributed devices can thus manage their fleet cost-effectively from a central point and operate it in a fail-safe manner.

With emteria’s device support for various economical and widely available boards like the Raspberry Pi family, manufacturing solutions are quickly implemented. On top of that, emteria's professional Android solution comes with several industrial features so that you can fully focus on your use case and application. Regular updates for Android OS keep connected devices secure, and OTA update delivery ensures the lowest possible interference with production processes.

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Frequently asked questions

Does emteria's Android OS stop to work once a product is shipped and the subscription period ends?

No, with each purchase at emteria you acquire a lifetime license of Android OS for your specific device. This means that the OS will run forever. The only thing that is bound to an active subscription are our online services like remote device access via mobile device management.

Does emteria support Raspberry Pi and the official Raspberry Pi screen?

Yes, emteria's Android version is available for Raspberry Pi 3, 4 and 5 as well as the Compute Module IO Board. You will be able to deploy Raspberry Pi running Android and manage these devices from the comfort of a browser.

We need to deploy a huge number of devices. Is there an easy way to do this?

You should check the emteria Device Provisioning which is a feature that enables mass deployment of a set of specific configurations. These configurations can include the screen orientation, device properties, kiosk mode settings and many more.

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