Raspberry Pi Imager now supports Android 13 for RPI 4B
About emteria

Here at emteria we believe in a diverse, skilled, and ambitious workforce. We share a passion for technology, pursuit of lifelong learning, and joy from solving complex problems. Deeply committed to our responsibilities, putting customer value first and having integrity and humility among one another. As a team, we are led by example and develop ourselves and emteria through empowering customers, partners and peers.


We love product innovation at scale. Our customers, the creators of solutions that improve the lives of countless people, inspire us to support them to the best of our abilities. We do this by providing fleet operators with a scalable software stack to create and operate fleets of Android devices. Our vision is to make product building as easy as possible so that our customers can fully focus on value creation for their users.


Founded in 2017 as a University Aachen spinoff we remain true to our origin in the center of Europe. Building on the academic works of Dr. Igor Kalkov-Streitz who developed RTAnrdoid and founded emteria, his work has enabled numerous enterprise customers’ solutions across the globe. In early 2021 Dr. Ilja Aizenberg has left his Venture Capital position to join emteria as commercial and strategic Managing Director.

Meet the team

Igor kalkov-Streitz - MD

Dr. Igor Kalkov-Streitz
Founder & Managing Director


Marketing Manager

Jan Hardware Developer at emteria

Embedded Android Developer

Manfred Head of Product at emteria

Customer Success Manager

Marius IT Manager at emteria

IT Manager

Mohammad Senior Backend Developer at emteria

Mohammad Reza
Senior Backend Developer

Danyil - Web Developer

Frontend Developer

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