Professional customer service packages

As part of an enterprise plan, emteria offers various customer service options that will fit your individual needs. Customer service can include:

  • Email and phone support
  • Service level agreements (guaranteed response times)
  • Dedicated contact person that knows you and your business
  • Problem analysis and consulting

What you can expect from us


Approach us on your preferred channel and be assured, that we take your request seriously. We will handle it with care, answer in a timely manner and keep you in the loop.


Whatever your challenge is, we will share our ideas and deep Android expertise with you. Thus, your solutions would perform more reliable and beneficial in the long-term.


As a young company, we grow with every challenge and become better with every problem we solve with you. Feel free to challenge us, give feedback and help us to learn every day.

Knowledge base and documentation

All standard features and processes are well documented in the emteria knowledge base. We strive for a complete description of all features and easy-to-follow tutorials to save your time. Let us know if you miss something in our knowledge base, and we will make sure to add it as soon as possible.


The emteria community & forum

Every successful software company and product relies on its users and community. One place where the emteria community meets is the discussion forum. We are more than thankful for every visit, post and answer in the forum. You can participate in the discussions with your regular emteria account.

Discover how our customers use emteria to build user-facing Android products at scale.