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Group 3096
Customized Android
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Individual branding
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Hardware compatibility

Get your custom Android OS 

Designed as a foundation for great products, emteria has developed a set of tools for fully automated customization and rollout of product-specific Android ROMs. It is designed to combine the advantages of Android with extended industrial settings and additional enterprise features.

Customization options and features

Enhanced kernel

Customized Linux kernel for Android with additional drivers and extensions.

HALs and Services

Low-level drivers, system HALs and additional services based on requriements.

Custom Certificates

Increased security with individual signing certificates for custom Android OS.

Kiosk mode

Restricted access to a specific set of websites or apps and hides navigation.

Private Application Store

Custom app store client and server for marketplace-like distribution and updates.

OTA Client

Over-The-Air updates for apps and OS with versioning, changelog and custom SDKs.

Individual boot animation

Individual animation or logo presented when the device is booting up.

Company Branding

A set of icons, fonts and colors to be used instead of the default Android theme.

Talk to our Android Experts

We are able to adapt the Android platform to meet your unique requirements.


Security and longevity of your Android products

Customize Android OS

Define your OS requirements to fit your enterprise hardware and customers' needs.

  • Wide hardware support
  • Long term OS support
Scale security and automation

Automatically build your image with every new patch and feature. Update Over-The-Air!

  • Reliable OTA infrastructure
  • Automatic CI/CD pipeline
Manage and monitor devices

Access and debug your deployed devices no matter where they are located.

  • Robust cloud platform
  • In-depth remote control

Build your next product with your own Android OS.