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The new year starts with solid news: Android OS now runs on the robust and compact POS-IQ-PRO panel PC series by FORTEC Integrated.

FORTEC Integrated is one of the leading German specialists for industrial TFT flat panel displays, embedded products, system solutions, and provider of the powerful Intel x86-based front monitor series POS-IQ-PRO.

As part of the expansion of our long-standing partnership with FORTEC Integrated, the POS-IQ-PRO panel PCs are now available with a pre-installed Android operating system. The tailored POS-IQ-PRO Android 13 version is designed as robust and durable as FORTEC Integrated’s hardware solutions. 

The partnership not only brings Android onto the long-term available monitor but will continue to be remotely updated and receive security patches in the coming years. In combination with extended industrial settings and additional enterprise features, it becomes easy to realize secure and long-lasting Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things projects based on a modern Android OS.

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FORTEC Integrated is an international supplier of individual components and complete solutions in the fields of display technology and embedded computing. In-house developments and customized products complement the portfolio for professional customers across all industries.

Since 2016, FORTEC Integrated has been a member of the FORTEC Group, enabling them to leverage the products, services, and expertise of an extensive high-tech company network.

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Emteria - Industry-ready tailored Android OS

Emteria’s automated and scalable solution helps device manufacturers and product builders to rely on a secure and long-lasting Android OS that fits all their custom requirements.

Designed for industrial applications and embedded systems, emteria seamlessly integrates with a wide range of off-the-shelf hardware and highly specialized platforms such as the POS-IQ-PRO monitor series. What sets emteria apart from other Android distributions is its integrated customization options, an automated build infrastructure, enterprise features and backed long-term OS support.

The best of both worlds

Bringing a device-tailored Android OS on the POS-IQ-PRO is not the first project FORTEC Integrated and emteria successfully worked on. The partnership between both companies resulted in the following supported boards and series so far:


The newest combination of POS-IQ-PRO monitors and Android has several advantages.

POS-IQ-156-00-PRO panel PC front and backImage: POS-IQ-156-00-PRO panel PC

The POS-IQ-PRO panel PC, equipped with an Intel® Pentium® N4200 processor is a great foundation for power hungry projects. Available in sizes from 10.1 to 15.6 inches, they feature a 10-finger PCAP touchscreen, a slim stainless-steel housing, and IP65 front protection against dust and water. This makes them a good choice under the adverse conditions that prevail in industrial production environments.

Additional benefits provided by FORTEC Integrated’s hardware solution:

  • Passive cooling: Enables system operation at full capacity even in high ambient temperatures.
  • VESA mounting holes: Use panel PC as an HMI, mounted on a swing arm, or monitor stand.
  • Optional wall-mount frames: Integrate panel PC into concrete, wood, or drywall constructions.

OS-IQ-156-00-PRO panel PC parts

Image: POS-IQ-156-00-PRO panel PC ports

POS-IQ-156-00-PRO panel PC tech specifications:

  • Technology - TFT
  • Product category - Panel PCs, IP protected monitors, touch monitors
  • Size diagonal - 15.6" (39.624 cm)
  • Resolution (max) - 1920x1080
  • Brightness [cd/m2] - 300
  • Backlight - LED
  • Converter - integrated
  • Viewing angle U/D/L/R - 89/89/89/89
  • Controller - Intel® Pentium
  • Temperature range Top - 0...+50°
  • Temperature range Tst - 0...+60°C
  • Interfaces - USB, HDMI, LAN Gigabit, RS232/422/485, DisplayPort
  • Power supply - 12-24V
  • Dimensions (LxWxD) - 367 x 233 x 49mm
  • Touch - Yes
  • Touchpoints - 10
  • Housing - Front IP65

The Intel x86-based platform is a powerful choice for industrial control systems, HMIs, and medical technology applications. It enables new use cases and stabilizes some that are already being implemented but are in need of more processing power.

POS-IQ-PRO Android 13 by emteria

To ensure that Android runs seamlessly on the POS-IQ-PRO monitors and unfolds its full potential regarding usability and enterprise functionality, emteria has created a customized image tailored to FORTEC Integrated’s hardware. The tailored POS-IQ-PRO Android 13 version offers more security, more customization options, and remote management options.

Here are the most interesting benefits POS-IQ-PRO Android by emteria provides:

  • OS customization: Advanced customization options allow Android OS adjustments like individual branding and custom boot animations out-of-the-box.
  • Automated update delivery: CI/CD pipelines automate the creation of updated Android images and distribute OS and app changes via Over-The-Air (OTA) updates.
  • Extended enterprise features: The Android OS comes with extended features like Kiosk mode, remote device control (MDM), application management, and remote screen mirroring.
  • Long-Term support: Extended long-term support combined with OTA security updates ensure that Android devices remain secure and reliable throughout their lifecycle.

Long-term software and hardware support in combination with high computing power, better resolution and seamless touchscreen support based on a secure, user-friendly and modern Android OS makes the Android-based POS-IQ-PRO series a perfect solution for durable projects.

Real-world applications

Most of these projects are aimed at developing new robust but also user-friendly products. From heavy machinery guided by touch-based terminals, tailored Kiosk devices to interactive shop floors systems, Android-based POS-IQ-PRO monitors can be used to build products in various sectors.

Exploring real-world applications like industrial control systems, HMIs, and medical technology solutions provides a clearer understanding of the types of products that can be built:

  • Shop floor dashboards: Implement touch-interface dashboards on the shop floor to display real-time production metrics, providing interactive performance monitoring.
  • Data capture and workflow terminals: Offer a versatile solution for inventory management and order processing, enhancing efficiency in data capture and workflow management.
  • Human-machine interfaces (HMIs): Use Android-powered terminals as HMIs for heavy machinery, ensuring usability, efficient navigation, diagnostics, and communication in challenging environments.
  • Industrial vending machines: Implement touch-based interfaces for industrial vending machines, facilitating cashless transactions and data collection for inventory management of small equipment items such as protective gear or manufacturing components.
  • Medical device interfaces: Use Android interfaces for medical devices, enabling control and management of IoT sensors such as pulse-oximeters, electrocardiograms, thermometers, and fluid level sensors.
  • Healthcare monitoring dashboards: Build comprehensive healthcare monitoring dashboards that collect and display data on patients, medication, and overall health status.
  • Ticketing systems for queue management: Develop digital and GDPR-compliant ticketing systems for healthcare institutions, ensuring organized and efficient queue management.

This selection only scratches the surface of the range of products that can be built with the POS-IQ-PRO series and Android. If the panel PCs of this series are not suitable for your project, FORTEC Integrated offers a variety of other high-class monitors catering to all kinds of different needs like processing power, display size, resolution, price. If these are not yet operated with Android or you need further customization and peripheral support, FORTEC Integrated and emteria can support you here.


With the partnership of emteria and FORTEC Integrated, product builders are now able to speed up time to market by using an existing solution to build robust and long-lasting products. By doing so, they can focus on product development instead of porting and customizing Android on hardware configurations or hunting down hardware components. Thanks to the cooperation, the POS-IQ-PRO monitor comes with a modern customizable Android OS including regular updates and enhanced enterprise features like MDM and Kiosk mode.

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