emteria.OS now available for Raspberry Pi 4B


The Android-based operating system emteria.OS is finally released for the Raspberry Pi 4B. Embedded applications and use cases can count on more computing power and better performance while staying cost-effective. Also, it is possible to manage Raspberry Pi 4 device fleets through the emteria Device Hub.

With over 25 million sold units the Raspberry Pi series is one of the most popular computing platforms of all time. The tiny single-board computer provides sufficient processing power to control robots, smart home hubs, or factory controllers. Originally made for educational purposes in developing countries, the computer has gathered a global community of developers. In conclusion, they have deployed a myriad of applications paying tribute to the low cost, modularity, and open design. 

The Raspberry Pi Foundation was extremely successful in placing Raspberry Pi platforms on the consumer DIY market. However, in a professional context, the Raspberry Pi has been mostly successful only for prototyping or smaller Linux-based projects. This is due to the early models’ limited performance which is still the case for the widespread Raspberry Pi Model 3 (2016-2018).

The release of the Raspberry Pi Model 4 in 2019 introduced significant upgrades. Above all, it reflects the community’s increased demand for power-savvy and more versatile applications. More RAM, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, 4K video support, and other upgrades were introduced. This way it can compete with custom hardware designed for modern products. 

Emteria on Raspberry Pi 4 brings reliable GPU support, stable Bluetooth connection, and more

Over the past months, we have discussed countless use cases with many of our customers. In many of them, the Raspberry Pi 4B in combination with emteria.OS can serve as the perfect platform. We have listened well and worked hard to deliver the advantages of emteria on Raspberry Pi 4.

With the release of our beta version of emteria.OS based on Android 11 we are happy to enable a new generation of emteria based applications. We will continue to work on solving currently known issues as fast as possible. However, we did want to announce the step we have been looking very much forward to.

Looking further ahead we are focusing on two topics. Firstly, to shorten our customers’ time from prototype to series production. To address this our next goal is to fully extend the emteria device support towards the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. This is more suitable for reliable operation in mass device series. Stay tuned!

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