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As promised in our blog earlier this year, emteria has released emteria.OS 11. It is based on Android 11 and as a start, it is available for the Raspberry Pi 4. From now on you can use the beta version of emteria.OS 11 and enjoy the updated features and capabilities. This is a great step for emteria. We are unbelievably happy to rely on such a great user and customer base making it possible for us to continuously grow our portfolio.

The combination of Android 11 and Raspberry Pi 4 has several advantages. It enables many new use cases and also stabilizes some that have been affected by the less powerful performance of older versions of both, software and hardware. Furthermore, it enables new business opportunities for your devices. In this announcement, we are going to share some ideas on how the new capabilities might support you in your challenges.

The latest Android experience on Raspberry Pi

With emteria.OS 11, it is possible to experience the latest Android on a Raspberry Pi. For many, the Raspberry Pi 3 and Android 7 are perfectly fine, nonetheless, there are limits. Many of those limits are lifted now. Check out our top 3 uses for the Pi 4 with the latest Android.

Digital signage with Android 11 and Raspberry Pi 4

The Raspberry Pi 4 has received a significant upgrade of computing power and memory with up to 8GB RAM (detailed comparison of all Raspberry Pi models). This upgrade combined with Android 11 is great for digital signage or other use cases where content is displayed. Video content and demanding graphics with up to 4K pose no challenge to this combo. Additional new possibilities arise from this computing power combined with the compulsory kiosk mode and other enterprise features of emteria.OS.

Industrial IoT and sensors with Android 11 and Raspberry Pi 4

Industrial IoT is on the rise and cost-effective but reliable solutions for the industrial space are needed more than ever. Thus, stable connectivity to integrate sensors or communicate in networks becomes crucial. Android 11 together with the Raspberry Pi 4 offers this kind of stable connectivity for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. We believe that industrial applications, sensor networks, and manufacturing dashboards based on Android and very cost-effective hardware will have a great future.

Smart home and smart city with Android 11 and Raspberry Pi 4

All those applications that require scanning objects, faces, or simply barcodes, get a serious push by emteria.OS 11. The performance of USB cameras has improved drastically compared to older versions on less powerful hardware. Smart homes and smart city solutions will benefit from this. For example, video chat, ticket scanning, and object recognition work even more reliable now.

Start your free trial of emteria.OS

We hope you like our ideas and we are certain that you have many more. We would love to support you in building your solution. The good news is, you can try the emteria.OS 11 beta and put your ideas and plans into praxis for free. Simply register at emteria or login to your account and download the evaluation version.

Availability for Raspberry Pi 400 and Compute Module 4

By the way, the beta of emteria.OS based on Android 11 does not only work on the Raspberry Pi 4B but also the Raspberry Pi 400 as well as the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. The advantage of the Pi 400 is its integrated, physical keyboard while the Compute Module 4 is suitable for the low-cost production of Pi-based boards in masses. Dedicated versions for these two devices will follow in the next weeks.

Live version to come soon

Please be aware of the Raspberry Pi 4 details page, where we publish the list of supported peripherals and collect all known issues with the current beta version. The list might be incomplete. After sufficient testing and collecting enough user feedback, the beta will become a live version. Of course, you will be informed by us and you can always find the current status in our release notes.

Let us know how it goes, share your feedback with us and the community, and most importantly, have fun creating your Android-based product!

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