How does an Android Skin work?

Android Skins

Phone skins are the visual and accessible core of Android OS. There are many commercial OSes in the market generated by big brands which help users to identify various functions and features of their mobile phones. These features include making calls, sending texts, browsing the internet, and using pre-configured hardware. With many skins, the functionality of the phone remains identical, with performance and utility prioritized. Some users might find it difficult to switch phone brands solely based on UI.

What is an Android Skin in the business sphere?

Every brand in the same domain tries to attract customers with different logos, slogans, and visual presentations. This is the impression that a brand wants to leave for potential or existing customers.

Brand outreach

The brand outreach is based on the development of the product, in this case, smartphones with an abundance of features. Smartphone makers try to outreach buyers through various social media platforms and online forums. The biggest aspect of the outreach is the visual appeal to the audience.

Visual aspect

The visual branding starts with the device body design and display. All the Android OS versions have basic UI irrespective of the smartphone brand. Phone makers try to stand out with these modified OS, as their way to use the Open source license to their benefit. They come up with their skins or customized OS with every new model in the market.

Many phone makers attract clients that want a better experience with every launch. This helps brands to establish a patron base for the long run. For example, a Samsung phone user may find it hard to switch to other devices because of the ease of use and trust with the brand.

Android updates

Every update of the OS is loaded in the latest models of Android phones, irrespective of the brand. This basic similarity can make the smartphone market dull in terms of competition. Android skins with famous brands give the competitive edge through modern design and user experience.

User interface (UI)

Android skins of various brands work by transforming the display through colors, design elements, and UI. Brands make the app icons distinctive, phone backgrounds exclusive, and menu items ordered for maximum output.

What is the point of Android Skins in business?


Every brand is known for a feature or two where they hold the market. Some brands focus on sound, others tend to tilt towards a better display, some might load the phone with high pixel multiple cameras while others might opt for robust hardware.

Establishing a customer base

Established phone market brands have a strong customer base that clings to their brand for the next or the latest model of the phones. Therefore, Android skins become a medium for communication between the phone and the user.

Android phones are bought for many purposes, let alone communicating. These purposes may include but are not limited to gaming, streaming, filming, recording, designing, and photography.

Brand identity

So, Android skins remain consistent with the business plan and advertising. Gaming phones would have android skins that make it easier to access games. Phone brands collaborate with gaming developers and may include basic gaming apps on their phones.

Best Android Skins (2022)

There are more brands than ever in the Android smartphone market. The open-source OS is not stopping the big brands from creating their identity but on the contrary, it aids in creating strong brands. All the top skins in Android are based on the popularity of the banner they were created for.

Some of the top brands that offer their skin with the phone models are Samsung, iQOO, Google, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, Motorola, and Vevo.

Origin OS ocean

Origin OS Ocean skin comes loaded with many color schemes and graphics. One of the models that have Origin OS Ocean skin is the gaming phones from iQOO which gives customers a new feel about the Android 12 UI. This skin is full of widgets and pre-installed apps that enhance the user experience.

Users can customize icons, buttons, sizes, and shapes of different widgets and can create shortcuts for apps. With Nano kits, users can create and customize widgets for various apps. To change the phone backgrounds, the Mood Cube widget is present on the home screen. Even different backgrounds can be customized with many available effects.

Origin OS Ocean gives the users the option to create different folders to keep the apps and files. Folder color and size can also be changed as desired. Users can also use multiple apps at once through split-screen. One extra feature with split-screen is that the users can combine two apps they use in tandem and create a shortcut for future use.

To further enhance the user experience, Origin OS Ocean has introduced an enhanced dynamic effect and touch screen animation. All these features are readily available on the corresponding Origin OS Ocean.

Realme UI 2.0

In 2022 all the high-end Realme phones are loaded with Android 11 and Realme UI 2.0. UI is similar to the previous versions of Realme skins. The user interface allows users to change phone settings, camera settings, and access various pre-installed apps. High-end phones with a snapdragon processor and eight cores come with live wallpapers.

Realme UI 2.0 is loaded with several pre-installed apps like Snapchat, Spotify, and Prime Video. Sometimes it's hard to get rid of these apps as they might turn out to be bloatware. Getting rid of these apps might not be possible without switching to a different version.

ColorOS 12.1

ColorOS 12.1 is the latest UI installed on Android 12 Oneplus phones. Till last year Oneplus was using Oxygen UI. All their latest smartphones in 2022 have an immense number of modifications in terms of the Android skin. With ColorOS users can set their phone on different modes with a single tap.

Users can also make their phones highly customized for their needs. There is a big change in graphics and overall color scheme from Oxygen UI to ColorOS. Users can modify the battery settings and display settings for optimal power usage. Like any other current modified Os ColorOS too gives the users the option to make their device highly customizable and secure.

MYUI 3.0

Motorola is known to make robust phones that have high standards. Over the years Motorola has launched many high and medium-end phones for every customer type. All these phones come with the basic Android OS, the Android stock.

In 2022 Motorola is launching phones with MYUI 3.0 OS. This skin makes the customer highly productive with their phones by providing customization options on various levels. Customers can change the background, themes, fonts, icon shapes, color schemes, and even customize the Motorola gestures. With all these features the price category of these devices is at a low bar than other players.

Android 12

Android 12 skin comes with drastic aesthetic and visual changes. With highly customizable looks and graphics. Android 12 is available on the latest Google Pixel phones in 2022. Google Pixel is always the first phone to get the latest Google OS before the others.

One UI 4.1

Phone modes are more dynamic and customizable in One UI 4.1. Samsung in 2022 is most likely to be the most selling phone brand in Android. To make their high-end phones esthetically pleasing Samsung is launching One UI 4.1. Users will get a personalized experience with each customization inside their devices.

Like any other latest Android skin, One UI 4.1 will allow users to add widgets and change the overall graphics of the phone. With many display modes, users will get an option to change the display settings according to their choice.

Weather and clock widgets change colors dynamically according to the time and conditions. More features got added to the lock screen usage. Accessories like smartwatches paired with the Samsung phones can easily be customized. The camera and sounds are enhanced through Samsung Galaxy skin(One UI 4.1) to give a unique experience while using the phone.

Many extended features work on cross-platform devices to create one environment.


MIUI 13 comes with animated wallpapers, dynamic widgets, and news fonts. There are plenty of new and unique features in terms of privacy. One big change from the previous OS is facial recognition to unlock the phone. Device connectivity features are also enhanced for a better experience. The drag and drop option allows playing media files on paired devices.

Security vise, the internet browsing is secured by warning against malware and spammy websites. Documents can be watermarked before sharing. MIUI 13 has been enhanced to work with third-party apps, not only the pre-installed apps.


Many brands try to create their identity through a custom Android OS. These custom skins make the brands stand out from their competitors and provide a distinct user experience. Usability and privacy are the most important factors that will play a role in the development of these Android skins in 2022. Android can not only be used as an OS for smartphones but is also establishing itself as a user-friendly solution for industrial use cases. Here, too, the importance of a brand-related user experience is gaining ground. With emteria, you can not only use Android as an OS for your industrial products but also customize it based on your design standards.

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